Thursday, January 2, 2014

What Is Lucid Dreaming

What is Lucid Dreaming?
Lucid Dreaming is where you think you’re dreaming but you’re not, can actually control your dream because you know you’re actually dreaming. Many times this happens when the host dreamer realizes something different, and stop to question if they are in reality, but then they realize they are in a dream. Lucid dreams can also just happen naturally occasionally if you’re used to it, although many other people can have them more often.

How to Lucid Dream

Step 1. When you wake up in the day, ask yourself am I dreaming? And do some reality tests to make sure you’re not on cloud 9. Or you can also do this by marking the letter “A” on your hand. If your awake you will see the “A” if you’re lucid dreaming your palm hand will be blank without the “A” on it. Although sometimes the mind can trick you and can bring the “A” on your hand into your lucid dreams and you will eventually think that you’re awake when you’re actually asleep. The only way to see after this happens is when you wake up you’ll notice you never done anything because you just got out of your bed.

Step 2. Practice meditation the nice quite silence to the mind while still awake you can feel your body fall in to a deep sleep as your mind is still awake as this will take some time to master also. Try to imagine yourself, awake and in a dream-life state.

Step 3. Get in the tune with doing reality checks often Do at least 4 reality checks every time something seems ordinary. Remember your brain will try to trick you and make everything look like you’re not dreaming but sometimes it can mess up so the reality checks can come in handy. Some reality checks are:

·       ~   Look at a clock to see if it is constant

·      ~   Look at some words look away and look back again is it the same words?

·      ~ Flip a light switch ( many times with this you will notice you are in a different location every time you flip the switch)