Saturday, April 25, 2015

Once Upon A Time...

I woke up to the sound of my six month old baby crying. “He must be hungry,” I thought to myself as I rushed over to see him. His big brown eyes glistened through his tears as he looked up at me. I knew that look, he was giving me that “feed me” look as I picked him up. An hour later after his feeding the phone rang, and I knew who was calling. I was so nervous to answer the phone. It was the day that I would have to make an important decision. I have been waiting for a response that could change my life forever.  Even though my life had already changed forever when I had my baby right after my seventeenth birthday, but this day will set me and my baby for life.

“Okay thank you so much,” I said as I got off the phone. That is when I looked down at my child and smiled. “Well, I passed the test! I’m going back to school”. He smiled back at me like he understood what I said. I knew it was that mother-child bond. However, I would have to find a way to get to school that day, and make sure my little boy was taken care of.   “I know what to do. I’ll see if mom is available”. I knew mom would agree to it, and that is when I drove up to my mother’s house. However, when I arrived there, things didn’t go quite as planned. As I was knocking on the door of mom’s house, I heard a weak moan from behind me. It was at that time when I turned around and began to scream. A zombie was limping towards me, and he looked hungry. I started to run with my baby wrapped around me. The fear was palpable, and even my little guy sensed it.  In the midst of running away I noticed that the backdoor was left open, and that is when the zombie creeped up behind me. I was frozen with fear. I could not move, and it was as if I was stuck to the ground. He reached out to me when a brick suddenly fell on his head. He lay there motionless, as I breathed a sigh of relief. I held my little guy close to me and I walked off to see if my mom was okay. I felt that we are safe now… or are we?