Monday, October 17, 2016

Running on 10 hours of sleep a week with 2 children under 2...... How do I do it?

Well..... To put it this way, its definitely not easy(obviously). The first week was super hard for me, and that week I was getting even less than 10 hours of sleep a week.
When your a single mother who cooks, clean, works at home and out of the home on top of making sure all your kids needs such as entertainment and playtime are all met. There's less hours for you.

But our normal schedule starts at 8am everyday, and ends at 8:30pm. By that time I'm able to get my online work and school work done after their sleep. Making me to go to sleep at 3-5am in the morning, on top of waking up every 2 hours after I went to sleep to breastfeed.

One thing I can tell you, green tea and coffee have became my best friends. After a while of being sleep deprived your body gets used to it, but be aware when you crash you do crash hard. The last time I crashed I slept for literally 13 hours! Of course the children were being watched by a family member during those long sleep bueaty hours. But you get the point, but boy, when you wake up fully rested and let out that really sweet stretch.... Its literally the best feeling ever.