Friday, October 14, 2016

Teen mom back again

Howdy y'all, I'm back again. I'm still a teen mom, and yes its hard with one little one. But now its even harder with 2 little ones under 2. What a beautiful double number >.>, said no one ever! The joys are oh so fun and doing it alone is oh so difficult. But I like challenges and the new things to come are just obsticals I know I can get over.  Just had my baby literally September 2nd, and its like the number 2 is a bad number because that's the day my son decided to start his terrible twos.... Literally. The worst timing! Even tho I had a horrible pregnancy with her just like I did with my son you'd think it would be easier to transition to this..... Nope. I'm excited to start writing again, having a toddler and the joys of him can also take away from the hobbies we all love dearly.